I am a postdoc researcher in the Department of Biological Cybernetics at the University of Bielefeld and the Cognitive Interaction Technology – Center of Excellence (CITEC). My research covers Modeling Animal Locomotion, Navigation and Perception using Robots and Simulations. Bringing lively motion to robots and virtual worlds while understanding biology is my main drive.

Major approaches:

  • Neuronal Modeling
  • Dynamical Simulation
  • Evolutionary Robotics
  • Machine Learning

Journal papers

Wehner, R., Hoinville, T., Cruse, H. and Cheng, K. (2016) Steering intermediate courses: desert ants combine information from various navigational routines. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 202(7):459-472.

Schilling, M., Paskarbeit, J., Hoinville, T., Hüffmeier, A., Schneider, A., Schmitz, J. and Cruse, H. (2013) A Hexapod Walker Using a Heterarchical Architecture for Action Selection. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 7(126).

Schilling, M., Hoinville, T., Schmitz, J. and Cruse, H. (2013) Walknet, a bio-inspired controller for hexapod walking. Biological Cybernetics, 107(4):397-419.

Naceri, A., Chellali, R. and Hoinville, T. (2011) Depth Perception Within Peripersonal Space Using Head Mounted Display. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 20(3):254-272.

Hoinville, T., Tapia Siles, C. and Hénaff, P. (2011) Flexible and Multistable Pattern Generation by Evolving Constrained Plastic Neurocontrollers. Adaptive Behavior, 19(3):187-207.

Hoinville, T., Hénaff, P. and Delaplace, S. (2007) Étude sur l’intérêt des modèles biologiques de réseaux de neurones pour la synthèse de rythmes locomoteurs adaptatifs. JESA Journal, 41(3­4):413­-436

Hoinville, T., Hénaff, P. and Monacelli, E. (2005) Evolving Simplistic Neural Controllers toward Adaptation to Internal Perturbations. AMSE Journal, Advances in Modelling, Series C, 60(5-6):57-­70.

Conference papers

Hoinville, T., Schilling, M. and Cruse, H. (2015) Control of rhythmic behavior: Central and Peripheral Influences to Pattern Generation. In ICRA 2015 Workshop on “Pros and Cons of Central Pattern Generators”.

Hoinville, T., Harischandra, N., Krause, A. F. and Dürr, V. (2014) Insect-Inspired Tactile Contour Sampling Using Vibration-Based Robotic Antennae. In Proc. of Living Machines 2014, LNCS 8608, pp. 118-129.

Hoinville, T., Krause, A. F., Schilling, M. and Cruse, H. (2014) Bridging an Interspecies Gap? Toward Human-Insectoid Robot Interaction. In HRI 2014 Workshop on Humans and Robots in Asymmetric Interactions.

Krause, A. F., Hoinville, T., Harischandra, N. and Dürr, V. (2014) Contour-Net, A Model for Tactile Contour-tracing and Shape-recognition. In Proc. of ICAART 2014. (Best Student Paper Award)

Hoinville, T., Wehner, R. and Cruse, H. (2012) Learning and Retrieval of Memory Elements in a Navigation Task. In Proc. of Living Machines 2012, LNCS 7375, pp. 120-131.

Naceri, A., Hoinville, T., Chellali, R., Ortiz, J. and Henning, S. (2011) Do observers perceive depth in reaching task within virtual environments? In Proc. of ASME WINVR 2011, pp. 309-314.

Hoinville, T., Naceri, A., Ortiz, J., Bernier, E. and Chellali, R. (2011) Performances of experienced and novice sportball players in heading virtual spinning soccer balls. In Proc. of IEEE Virtual Reality 2011, pp. 83­-86.

Naceri, A., Hoinville, T., Chellali, R., Ortiz, J. and Bernier, E. (2010) Evaluation of Observers Depth Perception in Reaching Task Within Virtual Environment. In Actes des 5èmes journées de l’AFRV 2010, pp. 37­-40.

Veinguertener, A., Hoinville, T., Bruneau, O. and Fontaine, J.-G. (2009) From Morphologies of Six-, Four- and Two-Legged Animals to the HexaQuaBip Robot’s Reconfigurable Kinematics. In Proc. of ICIRA2009, LNAI 5928, pp. 1255-1265.

Veinguertener, A., Hoinville, T., Bruneau, O. and Fontaine, J.-G. (2009) Morphological design of the bio-inspired reconfigurable HexaQuaBip robot. In Mobile Robotics: Solutions and Challenges, Proc. of CLAWAR 2009, pp. 205-214.

Tapia, C., Hoinville, T. and Chellali, R. (2009) Locomotion Through Karman Street Using Adaptive Oscillator. In Proc. of COMPUTERWORLD 2009, pp. 188­-191.

Hoinville, T. and Hénaff, P. (2004) Comparative study of two homeostatic mechanisms in evolved neural controllers for legged locomotion. In Proc. of IEEE/RSJ IROS 2004, pp. 2624-­2629.

Hoinville, T. and Hénaff, P. (2004) Evolving plastic neural controllers stabilized by homeostatic nechanisms for adaptation to a perturbation. In Proc. of ALIFE IX, pp. 81-88.

Conference abstracts

Harischandra, N., Hoinville, T., Krause, A. F. and Dürr, V. (2015) A 3D dynamic model for the study of central drive of antennal movements in insects. Presented at the Neuroscience Meeting Planner, Chicago, IL: Society for Neuroscience, Chicago.

Hoinville, T., Harischandra, N. and Dürr, V. (2015) Integrating touch and vision in stick insects and insectoid robots. Presented at the Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2015, Göttingen.


Hoinville, T. (2007) Évolution de contrôleurs neuronaux plastiques : de la locomotion adaptée vers la locomotion adaptative. PhD Thesis, UVSQ, Versailles, France.

Hoinville, T. (2002) Évolution de contrôleurs neuronaux pour la commande d’un robot à roues et pattes : vers une tolérance aux pannes. MSc Thesis, UPMC Paris 6, France.


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Thierry Hoinville

Dept. of Biological Cybernetics - CITEC
University of Bielefeld
Bielefeld, Germany
thierry.hoinville (at) uni-bielefeld.de